I just searched my handle and saw your quote article of me. I used to live in TX for a while along with other places. Aquifer depletion is something preppers are concerned with. So yea I am also a prepper on top of all that, I have had some things posted on Survivalblog.com but not listing being gay. I believed in equality when I got out of high school but worked in inner city hospitals for years forcing me to believe in reality instead. The eskimos don’t actually think of everything, they have not done anything new since Martin Luther wrote his book about them. If you explained to the founding fathers about high speed trading they would say, “oh yea the Rothschild’s hired falconers to kill other peoples homing pidgins” If you look at how the (whatever you call bad moslems) treat infidel slave women, torturing them to humiliate their menfolk you will understand the Spanish Inquisition that followed jews selling white women to moslems. Moslems treating infidel women that way would be like a Christian handing out fish sandwiches and wine to the poor, replicating what each leader did in life. The most damning thing about the importation of the 3rd world for the (((elites))) profit from wealth redistribution is just how many productive whites it takes to bring them up to 1st world living levels. In most nations this is hidden or paid in debt but Switzerland shows that even 8 refusegees are too much for 1000+ whites to support with taxes in a pay as you go system. The squat monster and 7 nigglets cost over $60,000US dollars a month eating up over 1/3 of the towns taxes. It’s Hagenbuch, in the Swiss canton of Zurich. That means it takes over 125 whites to comfortably support each 3rd world black, making squatmonsters more dangerous than suicide moslems. https://www.rt.com/news/188192-swiss-village-refugee-taxes/ Even worse with the revelation that the Clinton foundation has been sending diluted AIDS meds to Africa is that drug resistant AIDS is now in the US with Obama dropping the HIV travel ban. Its bad enough free meds given to the 3rd world create drug resistance because they don’t follow the doctors advice and take all of the pills, stopping when they feel better selling the rest, but diluting the meds would practically guarantee fast creation of drug resistance.I publicly in my real identify advocated against dropping the ban because it would speed up how fast drug resistant AIDS would make it to the US, and would make the costs of AIDS treatment $30,000-$60,000 for meds alone each, often at taxpayer expense, more of an issue.


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