2016-07-18 · by Lucius Somesuch · in current events · Leave a comment The interwebz’ most righteous homosexual weighs in on the matter of media-fueled hypergamy among White women and makes this sad observation: Why are white women feral hypergamous cock-carousel riders? Because that was encouraged and subsidized. Jews have been trying to brainwash hard. I doubt kids in school today have ever seen a picture of a white girl with a white boy in any material at school, even though it would be cheaper with less ink. Do a google image search for the words (white couple) then do one for (white man with white woman) and you wont see any. –That’s a hell of a good argument why you need to keep your kids out of public (or otherwise pozzed) schools. [https://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/07/3-police-shot-in-baton-rouge.html#c4740034735383279008] Why in the hell can’t I make a link anymore? Yes, I know Vox, it’s an IQ test, but damnit all, I’ll save that for the MAT.


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